UV LED Phototherapy Systems









UVA LEDs offer technological improvements over mercury vapor UV light sources, also known as legacy technology.

Limitations of Legacy Technology

  • Cannot deliver the control required to provide a guaranteed absence of UVB/UVC light in tanning and medical applications
  • Cannot guarantee a constant spectral output over time based on the nature of phosphor coatings and filters
  • Potential for exposure to harmful UVB or UVC light due to lamp/filter failure
  • Unable to deliver exact and desired light for both experimental and therapeutic purposes
Benefits of Opthera UV LED Technology

UV LEDs offer spectral, temporal, and spatial degrees of freedom to Opthera designs:
  • Spectral
    • Wavelength selection and tuning
    • Increased long-term stability
    • Isolate wavelengths deemed efficacious for a given condition
    • Eliminate unnecessary or harmful wavelengths for a given condition
    • Continuous spectral output (similar to the sun)
    • Absence discrete spectral lines
  • Temporal
    • Sequencing of one or more wavelength to maximize biologic responses
    • Long term stability of spectral emission
  • Spatial
    • Multiple form factors
    • Flexible arrays
    • Controlled patterns to avoid specific regions on the skin

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