UV LED Phototherapy Systems









Tanning Technology
Opthera UV LED based tanning technology is gaining support from the medical community due to the anticipated reduction of adverse effects as compared to mercury vapor based legacy bulbs. 

The primary benefits of utilizing Opthera technology over legacy bulbs are improved spectral optimization, reliability and consistency over current technology.  These b
enefits allow from multiple variations of an  optimized tanning device which include:
  • Reduction in skin cancer from UVC, UVB, and UVA2
  • UVA1 only (absence of UVC, UVB, and UVA2)
  • UVA1 with optional UVB
  • UVA-1 tans endogenous melanin
    • Naturally appearing skin tan
    • More desirable tanning outcome
  • Tan maintains for up to four times longer tans than those resulting from the inclusion of UVB light.
Medical Phototherapy
Lupus phototherapy has been proven at a basic science level, animal models and in human studies by multiple researchers.   In addition to a previous clinical trial that achieved Phase I FDA clearance, published and peer-reviewed results indicate:
  • Significant decrease in symptoms following as little as one month of therapy
  • Remission of severe Lupus sequelae, including pulmonary fibrosis and significant brain lesions such as white matter changes
The Opthera UV LED phototherapy technology improves upon previous published research that indicates UVA1 phototherapy provides the following benefits to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus patients:
  • Reduction of the need for high-dose corticosteroids
  • Reduction of the need for immune modulating therapies with damaging side-effect profiles
  • Prevention of disease progression delivers a significant decreases in morbidity and mortality
  • Deliver overall improvement in the quality of life to lupus patients at all stages of the disease

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