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The management of the company has been significantly degraded as a result of two Opthera, Inc. founders abruptly resigning unexpectedly. To complicate matters, publicly available news reports surfaced later that indicated that at least one of the resigned founders (COO) formed a new competing company which effectively duplicated the mission of Wellthera, Inc. (the wholly owned subsidiary of Opthera, Inc.) and which benefited from work product that in good-faith Opthera, Inc. was expecting as deliverable for operations.

Opthera, Inc. has made continuous and ongoing attempts to recover from deficiencies that resulted from the resignations of two key founders.

When sufficient resources allow, Opthera, Inc. will consider publishing the Opthera, Inc. history, to help other entities avoid the unnecessary risks associated with operating based on good-faith and best efforts.

Efforts have been underway to fill the management gaps left by the resignation of two key founders as a first step to get Opthera, Inc. out of the start-up phase.

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