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LEDeep LLC ("LEDeep") has a mission that includes selectively identifying, investigating and developing technologies with early stage growth opportunities. LEDeep, LLC has been primarily focused on industries that would benefit from the transition from legacy light sources to the emerging Light Emitting Diode ("LED") technologies. LEDeep has and would continue to apply for patents on it's discoveries and improvements that seem to have a promising commercialization opportunity.

LEDeep is interested in accelerating early stage opportunities by negotiating suitable agreements with interested entities for licenses to and/or purchase of LEDeep's proprietary technologies.

Areas of technological achievement includes:

  • Light based tools to improve food and beverages; e.g., VINsage™Photonic Wine & Spirits Processor
  • Advances in solid-state LED and nanocrystal emitters capable of improving cosmetic and therapeutic applications of light; e.g., UV LED Tanning and Phototherapy
  • Advances in solid-state lighting and energy efficiency; e.g., ultra-efficient power-factor-corrected LED lamp capable of connecting directly to 115/230VAC or DC power which eliminates losses from the power converter (ballast).

Introducing - VINságe

VINságe™ the first Photonic Wine & Liquor Processor, a patented light-based beverage processor that can quickly and easily improve many types of wines and liquors without the delays associated with the normal aging process. Taste tests indicate that VINságe™ is most effective processing beverages that normally improve with age.


  VINságe™ can be applied to a bottle, or a glass – a glass of wine can be processed in minutes

  The VINságe™ effect is persistent – an unopened bottle can be stored for later use

  VINságe™ accelerates the approachability of a wine – lowering the long-term risk of spoilage

  Works best with red wines and many liquors; e.g.,Scotch, Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Brandy, Vodka

The VINságe™ Wine & Liquor Processor is not an aerator, it is an entirely new class of accessory for wine and/or liquor enthusiasts. The VINságe™ is based on photo-aging effect which is a significantly different process that aeration. Wine treated with the VINságe™ can subsequently be aerated or decanted in a manner similar to an aged wine.


The initial target market segment are homemade-wine makers, who typically do not adequately age their wine. VINságe™ demonstrations for expert homemade wine makers were all extremely positive. Editors at The Winemaker Magazine ( also had positive reactions to the VINságe™ demonstration; and indicated that the estimated 600K+ homemade-wine makers are more interested in performance than in equipment aesthetics. The homemade-wine maker version of the VINságe™ would not require expenses to refine the product's aesthetics. An advanced version of the VINságe™ targeting a larger general consumer market would require additional investment(s) and refined aesthetics for sale by local wine & liquor retailers, and international specialty retailers. Additional market segments with separate investment profiles include versions for beverage manufacturers, wine production, liquor production, and/or development of entirely new beverage labels.

LEDeep, LLC is seeking investments to accelerate the development and commercialization effort; for more information, contact by mail only: Peter Fiset, Managing Member, LEDeep LLC, 5 Upper Loudon Rd, Loudonville, NY 12211-1635.


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(VINságe™ is NOT a gimmick. VINságe™ is NOT related to the so-called “magnetic” aging accelerators.)


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